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LFA-Registry.com is the sister site of GTR-Registry.com. GTR-Registry.com collected the production data of Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and created the first known production numbers of these cars. Because the tools and website to collect this data had been created, it was relatively easy to add other types of cars, including Nissan GT-Rs, Silvias, Stageas and many more.

Out of personal interest in January 2017 I decided to check to see what information I could find on the Lexus LFA. I was able to find the records of 497 LFA vehicles, which I notified the Lexus LFA community here. This was the first ever time the LFA community had a good overall look at the numbers of each cars produced. At the time I was not able to discover which cars were Nurburgring Package cars.

In 2020 I decided to revisit the Lexus LFA data with a renewed interest, and try and see what else I could discover, as I was especially interested in finding out how many Nurburgring Packages were produced, and how many in each colour. Also I wanted to find out which country these cars were going to, rather than just region. For example, USA region cars go to USA or Canada, Europe RHD cars go to all RHD countries except for Japan.

After discovering (see how below) a way to get this information, I decided to split off the LFA data from the GTR-Registry.com in to its own website. I also decided to collect photos with confirmation of VIN or LFA# plate as well (which turned out to be a lot more work than I expected).

Special shoutout to Flipside909 and LexusLFARegistry of which many of these photos are sourced from, thank you.


Our Source Data

Simply put, there are parts websites out there where you can enter the VIN of your car, and the website will tell you more information about the car, and then let you purchase the correct parts for your car.

Using this, we first worked out all of the possible VINs (well 497 out of 500 - see below) for the Lexus LFA using a series of trial and error searches. Next we automated the collection of production colour, production date, model code, interior code etc for various websites and collated all of the data. Next I sorted all of the data based on research of known VINs and model codes and region information. Lastly I put this information in an easy to search database and released it in Januart 2017.

In 2020 I decided to research this further by looking at the parts attached to the cars. I discovered that by looking at the part number for the wheel, front spoiler and rear wing, I was getting different results for the Nurburgring Package cars. Each time checking all 497 known VINs, the same 64 cars would show the Nurburgring Package parts. Next, I checked all of the known photos with VINs and LFA #s and this confirmed 100% that these were the Nurburging Package cars and there was 64 produced - a number discovered by LFA-Registry.com.

Finally, I wanted to try and see what countries these cars were going to. Eventually I discovered the caution plate part number, and it noted which country specification caution plate is attached to the vehicle. This meant USA Region could be split in to USA and Canada, and all of the RHD cars had their own country specification. The only region with country availibility is LHD Europe cars. As such they are all still listed as Europe LHD.

I am not able to see:

- The seat/carpet/stitching/leather or alcantara etc colour. Sorry I would LOVE to be able to have this data but having spent several hours checking every possible way I can think to get this data, it does not appear to be that this data is available.

- Tokyo Edition cars. Despite these cars having a carbon fibre roof and wing, the part numbers are listed as the standard LFA parts for the vehicle.

- LHD European Countries. There is no different specification for LHD European countries, and I have not discovered any other way to find this information.

An Important Note about Nurburgring Package Production Numbers:

If you look at our Nurburgring Package production numbers, you will notice that there is 1x 1G0 Pearl Gray, 1x 3P0 Red, 1x 3S4 Pearl Red and 1x 9H9 cars produced, which are not standard Nurburgring Package colours. These cars all have the colour code of 212 Black according to our source data. That means that some of the other 4x 212 Black cars (3x Japanese, 1x Middle East) may not in fact be black. The other USA cars are black as we have photo proof of these. This has the flow on effect that:

- There may be other 212 Black Nurburgring Package cars which are not black, and are another colour.

- The production numbers of Nurburgring Package car colours may be incorrect and may change over time.

- The total production numbers of LFA colours may be incorrect and may change over time.

If you happen to be, or know the owners of JTHHX8BH4C1000306 (LFA #308), JTHHX8BH1C1000330 (LFA #332), JTHHX8BH2C1000403 (LFA #405) or JTHHX8BH0C1000416 (LFA #418), would you please be so kind to contact me as I am searching for further information about these cars.